Our Leasing Service

Just Became More Rewarding

Our seamless approach to helping clients lease in luxury includes continually looking for new ways to make the experience even more rewarding. We’re pleased to announce, Luxe Loyalty Leasing Program, which rewards you with high-end services from some of Boston’s best lifestyle brands.


Treat yourself on us.

Are you looking for a social vibe and lots of green space, incomparable floor-to-ceiling sea views or sustainable design in the trendiest neighborhoods? Our experts will give you insights into the pros and cons of each full service building and neighborhood so you can choose well. We believe the leasing and moving process should be seamless and stress free.

If you do get a bit stressed, though, not to worry. Through our Luxe Loyalty Leasing Program, your lease entitles you to luxury rewards at some of Boston’s most sought-after establishments, including including beauty treatments at Lex Rx and Pure Glow, spin classes at B/Spoke, pet care at Elliot’s House, and lifestyle photoshoots at VS Photography.

It’s just one more way we go above and beyond to help each and every one of our clients Live in Luxury.

Luxe Loyalty Leasing Program

Lease amount Reward value
$2000-3500 $250
$3501-5000 $500
$5001-7000 $750
$7001+ $1000

Reward value can be converted to a gift card at our current vendor partners:



How do I get started?

Email our Lease In Luxury Concierge at: Liveinluxre@gmail.com or Complete THIS form to be contacted by our LIL Leasing Specialists.


Does the Luxe Loyalty Leasing Rewards program apply to any rental?

No, this program is specific to Full Service Rental Buildings (The Benjamin, The Kensington, One Greenway, Pier 100, etc.) that are paying the Full Brokerage Fee at the time of viewing AND lease signing.  Please inquire with LIL Leasing Specialist for specifics prior to viewing.


Does your team represent the Full Service rental buildings mentioned here?

No, our Leasing Specialists represent YOU, the tenant! Our Leasing Specialists are MA licensed real estate advisors well versed on full service rental buildings in Boston and Cambridge.  We can help advise you and navigate the pro’s and con’s of different buildings and neighborhoods to find the perfect apartment for your lifestyle needs.


Does a LIL Leasing Specialist need to be present when I first view the apartment(s)?

Yes, a LIL Leasing Specialist MUST accompany you to view apartment(s) for this program to apply. Contact us to streamline the process and coordinate a viewing tour that works with your busy lifestyle.


I am from out of state/another country, etc. and can not physically be present for the initial viewing. Can you help? Yes, our LIL Leasing Specialists frequently scout apartments for tenants who live out of state, internationally, or simply have busy schedules. Put our Leasing Specialists to work for you! We can connect with you via video chat, FaceTime, etc. as we tour apartments or simply send you photos, videos and relevant information so that you have all the details necessary to either make a selection or narrow your selection upon arrival.


The Full Service Rental building I am interested in does not pay the full fee. Will I still receive Lease In Luxury Rewards?

Yes! For any Full Service Rental building paying a partial Broker Fee there will be a reward for the tenant. Please inquire with LIL Leasing Specialists for specifics prior to viewing.


I don’t want to rent in a Full Service Building, can you still help?

Yes! We’d love to help you find the perfect studio, apartment and work

Although you will not receive the Reward Value outlined in the Luxe Loyalty Leasing program our partners regularly offer Lease In Luxury VIP pricing, incentives, gift cards, welcome bags and invites to coveted events. Inquire to learn more!


Is there a cost for me to use a Lease In Luxury specialist?

When you are leasing at a full service rental building there is generally no cost to use a LIL Leasing Specialist. If you decide not to rent in a Full Service Rental Building and opt to rent directly from a landlord/home owner, there may be a fee involved. Please inquire with LIL Leasing Specialists for specifics prior to viewing.


How do I convert my Luxe Loyalty Reward Value to a gift card?

As soon as the lease has been signed and funds processed our Lease In Luxury Concierge will contact you to make arrangements.


Can my Lease In Luxury Concierge help with other concierge related services?

Yes! Your Lease In Luxury Concierge can also offer guidance in areas including: setting up utilities, obtaining moving permits, vetting schools and expertly furnishing your space prior to arrival. We believe moving should be seamless and stress free.  This is one more way we go above and beyond to help each and every client LIVE IN LUXURY.

Contact : Liveinluxre@gmail.com to learn more.


Does your Luxe Loyalty Leasing Program apply to Home Purchases?

At this time our Luxe Loyalty Leasing Program is strictly for leases/rentals.


Who are your current Luxe Loyalty partners?

We have partnered with with Boston’s best lifestyle brands to offer the best beauty treatments, fitness classes, pet care, photographers, florists and lifestyle stores to help you live your best possible life in the city that we call home.



Luxe Loyalty Leasing program terms subject to change at any time based on buildings’ brokerage fee programs. All program terms for specific properties should be confirmed with broker prior to viewing apartment(s).